Psychological evaluations

Psychological evaluations

Do you need a psychological evaluation at the request of an immigration attorney?

  • Are you in a relationship with someone whose immigration status is uncertain, or in danger of being revoked?
  • Are you in the process of requesting political asylum?
  • Are you applying for a domestic violence waiver (VAWA)?

You may be afraid that your partner’s immigration application will be denied. Perhaps your financial situation is going to suffer greatly if your spouse is forced to leave the country. Perhaps you are afraid of how your deportation will affect your children.

As a bilingual therapist who has personally experienced the difficulties of uncertain immigration status, I specialize in working with families who are struggling with these issues. Your fears are perfectly valid, and I can work with you to create a complete and comprehensive psychological evaluation that will help you make your case.

Few people can be trained to provide the help you need

Many people – most even – deal with stress in their lives to some degree, but the stress associated with questionable immigration status is different. You are lying awake at night, nervous and worried, not knowing if circumstances beyond your control will force your loved one out of the country; wondering how you will handle it all if your spouse is deported and you are left with all financial and parental responsibilities. Wondering how your children will react to the loss of a parent.

The psychological evaluation will address these fears and the emotional impact that this separation can cause.

You not only need to speak to someone who is equipped to help you legally, but someone who can work with you based on your unique situation. Fortunately, as a bilingual therapist specializing in immigration cases, I can help you navigate this complicated process at an affordable price.

What differentiates me from other experts in this field

I have the experience – over ten years – to fully understand your situation.

After graduating with my master’s degree in clinical counseling, I worked for several years as a psychotherapist in a mental health center. During that time, I provided psychological evaluations and treatment for adults and children struggling with a wide range of diagnoses, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as domestic violence, substance abuse, separation from loved ones, and Dislocation. I also gained experience in evaluating children’s attachments to their parents, as well as treating many children who had been separated from one or both parents for various reasons.

Beginning in 2012, I started a private practice that focuses on providing psychotherapy services to Spanish-speaking families in the greater Denver area, in the city of Aurora. As part of my private practice, I regularly do psychological evaluations to assess symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and post-trauma stress disorder in relation to extreme hardship, VAWA, and political asylum.

But an important fact that you should know about me is that I am a Hispanic immigrant; I know first-hand how difficult this period is for individuals and families. Not only that, I speak English and Spanish, making sure that you and your partner can communicate as clearly as possible.

The Government takes several factors into account when determining whether a person meets the “extreme hardship” standard under citizenship and immigration law. Evaluating the potential impact that the deportation of the immigrant may have on the legal resident, be it the parent or spouse, is not the only factor that the government takes into account when evaluating cases of extreme and exceptional hardship. The factors used to determine whether a pardon applicant has established extreme hardship can be overwhelming. Assessments of this type can be particularly complex.

Let me help you navigate the psychological requirements of this process.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. You can contact me through my website, , by phone at 720-276-9188 , or by email at