Bilingual Anxiety Treatment

Do Feelings Of Stress And Overwhelm Impact Your Daily Life?

Are you an immigrant from Latin America who is having difficulty with transition to life in the United States? Do you struggle with panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere? Have your relationships and health suffered as a result of the stress you are under?

You may be constantly worried about making ends meet financially so that you can provide for your family. Perhaps unresolved issues from your childhood have resulted in feelings of panic or confusion. Or you may be struggling with symptoms of depression, such as a lack of motivation or low self-esteem due to the pressure you are under to assimilate to life in the US.

Anxiety does not only manifest in emotional ways but in physical ones too. You may have trouble sleeping or experience headaches or other chronic pain that seems to have no medical explanation. If these symptoms apply, it could be that you have turned to alcohol, or other unhealthy coping mechanisms to manage your stress, anxiety or depression.

You might think that if you could just feel safe, calm, and confident about the future, then you would be better prepared to navigate the difficult circumstances of immigrating. Treating anxiety through therapy can make the relief you’re seeking from this pressure possible.

Anxiety and Depression Is A Common Part Of The Immigrant Experience

Stress is universal, and nearly all of us will experience periods of anxiety or depression throughout our lives. As Hispanic immigrants in particular, however, we face additional stressors that the average American is not subject to. Adapting to a new culture and language can be extremely difficult, especially in a country where we are made to feel unwelcome by some.

Difficulty assimilating to American life is likely to make us feel incapable and overwhelmed. We may be struggling to learn the language quickly so that we can find work and begin feeling productive and as though we are making a contribution to society. Over time, this grind will naturally impact our self-esteem. Whereas we once felt capable and successful, we now struggle to keep up with our dreams and the needs from our families.

Despite this struggle, it is difficult to ask for help since there is a stigma around mental health that still holds power in some communities. You may be convinced that you can manage your stress, anxiety or depression on your own, but instead of treating the core issue, you may simply be treating the symptoms. However, if you can accept that it is okay to reach out to a counselor or therapist for guidance, the path to serenity and relief can be within your reach.

Stress Relief And Newfound Confidence Are Possible With Anxiety and Depression Treatment

With so much pressure on you to perform and succeed, there is very little time to stop, take a breath, and evaluate what is happening emotionally. Therapy can give you the chance to enter a safe space and open up so you can begin the process of healing and understanding your anxiety. No longer do you need to stay up all night with worries and fears; I can help you to cope and manage your stress so that your anxiety is less disruptive in your day-to-day life.

Using a treatment plan that is tailored to meet your unique needs, I will help you to understand and identify your strengths in order to establish emotional regulation and mindfulness. When you can achieve that regulation and mindfulness, you will be better prepared to calm yourself during times of stress and panic.

Throughout our sessions, I will work to understand the narrative of your life and where some of your negative beliefs about yourself may have developed. In maintaining a strong understanding of the origins or core of your anxiety, I will help you to locate the stressors or triggers that send you into a tailspin of negative thinking. As you gain deeper insight into the causes of your anxieties, you will not only learn how to verbalize your worries but how to effectively deter them. Over time, you will become more confident in yourself and your decisions.

Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), I specialize in connecting the emotional side of your brain with the rational side so that you can process your emotions with reduced negative thinking. Using EMDR in conjunction with mindfulness practices, you will be more likely to maintain perspective and presence of mind during distressing situations. In and out of session, you will be empowered to engage in positive thinking, so that you can fully appreciate and utilize your natural strengths. And in developing more such habits, you will find yourself less inundated by worries about the unknown or the future.

For 14 years, I have been successful in helping both English- and Spanish-speaking clients to manage their stress and resolve their anxiety issues. As an evidence-based approach, EMDR has been widely used to help individuals navigate their anxiety and find relief from it. Moreover, it is considered among the fastest and most lasting forms of anxiety treatment.

Acclimating to a new culture, a new language, and a new life is hard! But as an immigrant myself, I am here to relate to you and provide a safe space for you to explore your feelings. Through counseling, relief from your anxiety is possible.

Maybe you are considering treatment for your anxiety, but you have some concerns…

I am concerned that if I go to therapy for my anxiety, I will be perceived as unstable or crazy.

Times have changed and the stigma surrounding mental health and counseling is beginning to lose its power. Seeking therapy is increasingly being perceived as a positive thing; it shows that you are invested in your mental health and that you are aware of the issues in your life that require support. The healthiest people are the people who know how to ask for help and understand that therapy is simply a means for improving quality of life!

I don’t have enough time to invest in anxiety treatment.

I know that you are likely very focused on working long hours because you want to create a better life for your family, but it’s important to remember that figuring out ways to cope with your stress will help you to be a better partner, parent, child and/or community member. Finding relief from your anxiety will make you more effective and productive in the long term—in all aspects of your life. And striking a balance will help you to have better relationships and be a more productive worker.

I am concerned about the cost of anxiety treatment.

As I have mentioned, doing necessary emotional work will help you to be the best you can be as a professional. In treating your anxiety, you are likely to become more confident and focused on your work. As such, you will have better success in meeting your goals and may very well gain a promotion, a raise, or a better job altogether as a result. If you are more successful personally, your professional self will flourish, which will ultimately lead to financial gain and stability. Therapy for your anxiety may be an investment now, but it will pay off in the long term.

Don’t Let Your Anxiety or Depression Keep You From Believing In Your Strength

If you are an immigrant from a Spanish-speaking country or if Spanish is your first language, anxiety treatment with someone who understands where you’re coming from can help you cope with the many stressors you may be struggling with in assimilating to life in the United States. For a free, 15-minute consultation to discuss how I can help you, call or text (720) 276 – 9188 today!