Therapy for children

Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Mood, Behavior And Overall Wellbeing?

  • Is your child acting out, talking back and refusing to follow the rules at home or school?
  • Have they been fighting with siblings and/or classmates?
  • Do you suspect or know that your child has been self-harming?
  • Do you worry that your child is having a hard time adjusting to a divorce, loss or other significant change?
  • Underneath all the aggression and defiance, is it clear that your child is feeling lost and hurt?
  • Are you searching for a child psychotherapist who can help you connect with your child, understand what they are going through and find sustainable ways to help them find relief?

therapy for kidsIt can be immensely painful to watch your child suffer, especially if you don’t know exactly what’s at the root of their distress.

Still, after the end of a long day at work, you may be low on patience and energy. If your child pushes back against your every request—they won’t do their homework, clean their room or go to bed—you may not know how to respond. As you feel increasingly helpless to get through to them, you might yell or say things you don’t mean. Then, perhaps your child’s worrisome behavior grows more and more out of control.

Deep down, you may feel alone and helpless. You might even fear you’ve failed as a parent. What if something is really, really wrong?

In Our Hectic World, Many Families And Children Struggle To Cope

No matter how difficult parenting feels right now, you are not alone, and you have not failed.

It’s completely possible to love your child with your whole heart and feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Parenting is a difficult job. Today, it can feel more impossible than ever.

Modern life is expensive, and both moms and dads are often working at least one job. And, because divorce is so common, there are many single parents struggling to do it all for their families. Sometimes, that means parents don’t actually get to spend that much time with their kids. Kids also have a lot on their plates—school, homework, extracurriculars, social expectations and technology all take up time.

And, especially in Latino families, there is sometimes a significant divide between what your child experiences at school versus what they experience at home. It might seem that your child is growing up in a completely different culture than your own, which can be confusing and even heartbreaking.

As a parent and a highly trained child psychotherapist, I can assure you that it’s completely normal for children to struggle. Many children today feel lonely, sad, anxious and angry, for a variety of reasons. And, children generally don’t know how to manage these difficult emotions in healthy ways.

Most often, kids don’t want to lash out. They don’t want to be disciplined, cause chaos or—most of all—feel bad. Luckily, with my guidance and support, your child can acquire the tools needed to feel calm and connected.

Bilingual Therapy for Kids Can Help Your Child Heal And Grow

I have been helping English and Spanish-speaking children understand their emotions and shift behaviors for over 10 years. In safe, age-appropriate therapy sessions, I can help your child release old wounds and develop skills to cope with life’s challenges.

Initially, I focus on creating a sense of safety, compassion and fun in the room. Therapy is not a place for your child to feel scolded or judged. Instead, I am here to help them recognize their strengths and feel good about themselves.

I specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a powerful treatment for trauma, depression and anxiety. Many children act out because they feel hurt, which makes EMDR therapy for children highly effective for shifting mood and behavior.

During our sessions together, I can help your child carefully explore negative thoughts and feelings about themselves, their family and anything else in their world. For example, they might worry their parents don’t love them, or that they’re a “bad kid.” I will reassure them that these beliefs are not true.

Then, through EMDR therapy for children, your child can learn to release any anxiety, sadness and hurt, even if it comes from the past. They can make sense of their world, shift their perspective and hold a more positive, accurate outlook.

Once your child starts to establish greater self-esteem, I will invite you to join us in child parent psychotherapy sessions. I have been extensively trained to work with attachment in children, and I am here to help your family nurture a healthy, loving bond. And, as an English and Spanish speaking therapist, I am equipped to support families without language barriers.

From this positive foundation of healing and attachment, I will begin to focus on shifting your child’s behaviors. With patience and age-appropriate techniques, such as play therapy, I will help your child recognize difficult emotions and distressing body sensations. Then, they can start to practice effective calming techniques that prevent outbursts. With awareness and tools, your child can gain more control over sadness, anger and mischief. And, they can recognize they are not their emotions. They can choose how to respond and behave.

No matter what you and your child are struggling with, there is help and support. Today, there are more dynamic, evidence-based child counseling tools than ever before. I am committed to using the careful, understanding and effective approach your child needs to thrive.

You may have questions or concerns about psychotherapy for kids…

My family doesn’t have time for therapy.

Like so many others, you are probably balancing a million different responsibilities to provide for your family. As a parent and professional, I completely understand how difficult and draining a packed schedule can be.

But, if you are feeling disconnected and at your wit’s end, I strongly encourage you to make therapy for kids a priority. Your child’s emotional wellbeing is extremely important. Seeking help now can provide your child with a healthier, more confident and empowered future.

Psychotherapy is too expensive.

I currently accept Medicaid. And, I invite you to talk to me about financial difficulties.

Even if you don’t qualify for assistance, any investment in your child’s mental and physical wellbeing is not a waste. Learning how to manage emotions now ensures your child moves into a more successful future—in every way.

I’m worried my family will be judged for seeking therapy.

More and more people are recognizing the importance of emotional health. As a result, therapy is becoming more mainstream. In your community, there are probably more parents and children in therapy than you realize.

Going to therapy for kids doesn’t mean anything is “wrong” with you or your child. Everyone could benefit from some objective, expert support when things feel difficult. You and your child deserve that support.

Find Support For You And Your Child

Your child doesn’t have to keep struggling, and you don’t have to do this alone. I invite you to call me at 720-276-9188. I would be happy to meet and discuss how I can help your child. I am a bilingual therapist who offers sessions in Spanish and English.