When we talk about yoga, we refer to the ancient practice that combines physical activity and the purification of emotions, therefore, couple’s yoga is an excellent way to improve the health status of both, as well as to find a good point of interaction with your partner and also helps them understand each other and to trust and act as one.

Reasons to do yoga as a couple

The postures of yoga as a couple are very similar to those of individual yoga. The reasons for carrying out this practice as a couple are many, to begin with an internal and personal discovery, keeping introspection, with the sole purpose of connecting deeply with your partner so that the positive energies of both connect and form a single unit.

The energy that this practice transmits to the couples is reflected in their day to day and in many cases, it results in the improvement of the relation in any aspect; The basic postures of yoga bring great benefits, are almost as effective as a therapy for couples because it helps them to strengthen ties and acquire not only serenity, but also empathy for one another.

Benefits of doing yoga as a couple

The practice of yoga as a couple is almost as beneficial as couple psychotherapy, but in this case the process is carried out through a beautiful and wonderful experience.

These are some benefits of the practice of yoga as a couple:

  • Contributes to the members of the couple acquiring greater confidence in each other, because when performing the postures, one must become the support of the other.
  • They will learn to work as a team and not only be able to connect them on a physical level, also mentally and emotionally.
  • The connection that is established with the other through yoga helps to exercise patience and teaches you to forget about yourself to start thinking about the other person, strengthening the fellowship.
  • There is the possibility that through the connection, the couple will get to know each other better and even end up discovering facets that one did not know about the other, such as limitations, virtues, mental capacity and also physics.
  • In addition to the above, yoga will give you a moment to share together, discovering a myriad of things you have in common, so it can be a different and fun activity.

3 excellent postures for the practice of yoga as a couple

The 3 positions we will mention below are ideal for achieving the necessary goals with the practice of yoga as a couple:

Simple Twist • Sit with your backs together and turn both sides to the left.

  • Then place your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on your partner’s right knee, both of you must do the same.
  • In this position they must hold for about one minute and change to the other side, it is important that the posture be repeated at least two more times.
  • Don’t forget to keep your back straight and your shoulders separated from your ears, the idea is to sit straight.

Double forward Bending

  • You must sit facing each other with your legs stretched at the hips, the soles of your feet should touch your partner’s, try to keep your back fully stretched and shoulders down.
  • Then inhale and elevate your arms, and then tilt to the front and exhale, put the maximum effort to achieve the hands of your partner.
  • The idea is that in each exhalation you get far beyond, to the point where you almost touch the elbows of your partner, keep the posture for about a minute and rest.

Face-to-face posture

This stance contributes to non-verbal communication, in addition to improving coordination as a couple, you must do the following:

  • Stand face to face and then step backwards.
  • Raise your arms above your head at shoulder height and join your palms.
  • Take steps backwards without taking off the palms, the idea is that they go down the back more and more.
  • This way you reach a point where you will be face to face, with your hips at the height of your feet, this posture must also be kept for a minute.