Being a parent does not come with a manual but you can have a guide to identify typical situations that we have to develop in life. The relationship that we must establish with our children should be intimate and sometimes the difference in age can be a gap that we do not know how to break. An infallible method to connect with children can be play.

To enjoy our relationship with our children can be more satisfying if it is established in an environment in which they are comfortable and can be fun as play. Play can strengthen our relationship and at the same time be an opportunity to teach something new to our children and even learn from them.

To generate this space, you have to reserve time to enjoy this experience with your children. If play activities are included, the time can be doubled for both parents and children. The environment can be ideal if technological devices or another distraction that can be a avoided.

Happy children happen when there’s parents playing with them!

Young children want to spend almost all their time playing and what better experience than to do it with their parents. Play allows both children and parents to feel free and share a moment, helps them develop in an environment free of prejudice and where ties can be strengthened.

A playful environment generates trust in children and facilitates communication with their parents. Play allows both children and parents to be in an environment in which communication is horizontal because the rules of the game apply to everyone so that you can eliminate the barrier that often forms around the image of authority that parents project most of the time.

Play can be modified according to the age of the child and even extend to adolescence as long as the appropriate game is chosen. This activity cannot be lacking in the relationship between parents and children as well as giving space for both to build an amical relationship that can endure over the years.

Play to build relationships

Play has benefits for both parents and children, you can have both a leisure and learning experience for both children and parents. Parents may even learn more of these experiences from their children, they may learn to recognize typical attitudes that may be reflected in their daily lives, as well as the way of thinking or the logic they use to be able to function within a game.

Within a playful environment, tolerance and creativity can be developed giving free rein to the imagination not only of the children but also of the parent. In sharing these activities parents can find a space where they can feel free and can discover themselves generating close ties with their children.

How can I generate a space to play?

In order to generate a playful environment in which both children and parents can feel comfortable, we should give opportunity for everyone to be included in play. We should choose an activity in which everyone can participate without feeling simple spectators.

It must be understood that in a playful environment everyone should be treated equally so that trust is generated and both children and parents can function naturally. The rules must be enforced and the children above all should not perceive that any type of injustice is being made.

This joyful experience can create closer ties with your children. Enjoy!