About My Practice

I find that first-time clients often have questions or concerns about how therapy works and what they can expect. Sometimes, this apprehension or uncertainty can drive people and couples away from the help that they need and deserve. It is my hope that the following will help alleviate any fear or concerns you may have about my practice or therapy in general.

What Does Individual Counseling Involve?

We’ll simply begin with a short phone call—a brief conversation to break the ice and to familiarize ourselves with one another a little better. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions you may have about my practice or to lightly discuss what it is that you need help with or want to accomplish through therapy.

If you feel that we are a good match for one another, we will follow up with our first, official in-office session. Our initial meeting will mostly consist of filling out any applicable HIPPA or consent paperwork and detailing the formal aspects of the therapeutic process. Using the information, you provide, we can collaborate to develop a treatment strategy that speaks to you and the unique challenges you face.

Subsequent sessions run 55 minutes and focus on various aspects of yourself and your situation. For instance, we may gently explore your personal history, past relationships, or childhood and upbringing to identify factors from the past that may be fueling current challenges. I will also help you identify your goals or any changes that you would like to make while giving you the life skills to make them achievable.

How Does Couples Counseling Work?

After our initial phone consultation, which is usually with one partner, I will set up a time to meet with you as a couple. I do this in order to give you both a chance to voice your mutual concerns for your relationship as a couple. This will also help me get a feel for your relationship’s dynamic.

Afterward, I will meet with you individually to look at aspects of your personal background to shed light on current issues. Similar to individual counseling, we will look at elements of your relationship history, childhood experiences, and upbringing that may have exposed you to flawed examples of love and affection that are negatively affecting how you form connections as an adult.

Once we get to the core of what is creating friction in your relationship, we can work together to create a treatment plan that targets your concerns and goals for your partnership. As a bilingual couples therapist in Denver, I’ve helped a diverse population of couples overcome obstacles to their happiness. Using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a highly research-driven and results-oriented treatment model, I can help you build a stronger, more authentic connection to your partner.

Child Counseling Services

When working with children, I’ll initially meet with you, the parent, separately. That gives us a chance to explore your child’s history in detail, including your concerns for their wellbeing. We might discuss any behaviors, separation issues, or developmental challenges that your child is facing in order to gain greater insight into what your child is going through.

Following up, I will meet with your child independently in a safe and nurturing environment to assess their individual needs. Using play therapy and experiential interaction exercises, I will develop a healing strategy that targets what your child truly needs to succeed.

In some cases, I may use EMDR therapy, which is a highly-effective and non-intrusive means of relieving the effects of trauma and anxiety. In other cases, I may recommend incorporating family therapy and psychoeducational support for your child’s needs in order to ensure sustainable results outside of the office. Regardless of your situation or your child’s needs, early intervention can benefit your family and your child’s health for years to come.


Other Frequently Asked Questions About My Practice

Do you accept insurance?

Although I can provide paperwork that may assist in reimbursement for out-of-network providers, I only work through private pay. One of the reasons I do this is because insurance providers require a specific diagnosis in order for treatment to be covered. Depending on your situation or future prospects, this could pose unnecessary obstacles to your or your child’s goals. So, in essence this keeps your personal health record as well as your child’s mental health record confidential and out of the hands of third parties.

How can I pay and when can I see you?

I accept check, cash, or other prearranged payment options at the beginning of sessions. Our initial session can begin in as little as a week from your phone call.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you will need to do so within 24 hours of your appointment. Otherwise, I will have to charge you for the session. Of course, weather conditions and childcare situations can always play a part, so we can talk about this and related fees in greater detail during our phone consultation.

How many sessions am I obligated to?

In addition to offering one-off sessions, I can also arrange package deals for discount rates, depending on your needs. Individual sessions run $100 and couples sessions $120. Whatever your needs are, my goal is to give you sustainable skills, tools, and awareness to help you, your child, or your relationship flourish.

What makes you unique?

I have been trained in attachment-focused EMDR by Laurel Parnell and have attended intensive training on EMDR for children with child specialist Ana Gomez. I’ve had intensive training on consultation with Debra Wesselman, Lisa Armstrong, and Cathy Schweitzer at the Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska. This experience enables me to effectively help children overcome trauma and reestablish healthy attachments.

As a bilingual couples therapist in Denver, I have experience tackling tough cultural issues in relationships, such as expectations concerning gender roles, parenting differences, and responses to infidelity. I also have specialized training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy that allows me to get to the core of your relationships problems to create a more secure and fulfilling bond.

How do I find you?

I am located at I-225 Parker Road only a few blocks away from the bus stop and station. My office has street parking available for easy access and I offer flexible daytime and evening hours for your convenience.