When two adults have already long together, begin to emerge on the formalization of the relationship, and issues among them, living together as a couple. The world today has changed, and with it also the way of thinking of many people who have a relationship. Until not long ago, there was a tendency to make things “step by step”, i.e. first marriage and cohabitation. Now that trend has changed, and that is not to say that desire to get married there is no, however, many couples prefer to know the maximum first to then conclude safely.

While the parents of these young people who are beginning to make these decisions are not agreed by different customs that have previously marked the social context, those who have the economic possibilities no doubt in do it despite the various controversies. Finally, this decision is of two people, and below are some of the advantages of what it is to live this experience as a couple: are known among Sipuede that two people already take long time, even years together, however, when both coexist You can actually know each other better.

Meet someone means to know what are your daily habits, what you like to do during the day and how to resolve problems that arise. Every time parents say about their children about how much you know about them is because they really know it without a doubt. Probably in the case of a couple who takes a little time getting to know can ensure together that they know everything about the other person, however, really much remains to them know. Once it is already a time of coexistence, they will also learn to identify what are the strengths and weaknesses of fellow, and in this way, learn from each other how to deal with the problems that arise. Get to know each other also is an excellent opportunity to correct different inappropriate habits and to have more control over things. Everything is very different from when I was living with the parents, there was someone who we would wake up in the morning and served us breakfast, now those are activities that must be as a result two people alike.

They learn to manage the gastosUno of the great challenges of living together as a couple is the manage expenses and learn how to save together. Maybe this challenge is given to many people from an early age. Many parents taught their children as children to save with small gratuities that earn them by good activities, however, once confronted with the reality it can cause an unexpected impact. One of the most complicated objectives of any independent person usually, is survive a month with the salary of his employment, which on the one hand also costs to keep it. One of the conditions proposed the couple to live together is currently both maintain employment alike.

Therefore both people undertake to meet the expenses required, as the services of the Department, food, tickets, among others. In general, the weight is less when both people bring to live together. Savings, is also important since you never know when you may need extra money for any emergency situation. It is not bad to give certain luxuries, when not is of so often because the objective is that there is a balance in expenditures and not an imbalance. Divide tareasSi were believed to be the home tasks simple activities, when two people live together will realize alike that they were wrong. For starters, if previously it was not accustomed to perform some type of household activity, maybe live together as a couple is shocking. On the opposite side, if before thinking about living together as a couple you can practice some habits necessary to maintain a home in order then the tasks will be much simpler.

The best part is that no one will have to send to a person, but rather, he or she will pay for itself / a.Dividir the household is the responsibility of two people when they decide to live together. It is important to always keep an organization through a schedule of what should be done every day to avoid improvisations and bad misunderstandings. Some of the most important responsibilities will be the housekeeping, grocery shopping, laundry, or send it to the laundry, among others. With a good organization and responsibilities equal will be to conclude the activities quickly and not leave tasks for last time. Pass good times more juntosY than to know each other better and learn to fend for themselves, when two people live together are ensuring to share wonderful moments together.

By more different than two people living together they will learn to accept differences among themselves and will regard them as unique among them. If prior to live together, the couple has already passed through memorable experiences, what follows will be much more rewarding and full of anecdotal moments that will be forced to share with friends and family. Despite order to keep several hours outside the home for work, when they reunite in the evening always it will be a good time for received and met each other. Weekends will become the favorite of both hobby because they can enjoy time alone and enjoy the hobbies of each. Some of the activities that are made when you live in couple are to see films or series together, prepare a lunch or a delicious dinner, and of course, a big worry-free intimate moment. Many times they will have problems, like all couples, however, this is a great alternative to learn how to deal with them and strengthen the learning between the two.