Psychotherapy for couples

Are you dealing with relationship problems or recovering from a recent divorce? Do you feel lonely or disconnected in your relationship? You do not have to go through this alone. I can help and together we can work towards a mutual resolution.

When we enter into relationships, we both bring our unresolved problems, fears, pains and expectations. There is a strong predisposition to recreate abusive, neglectful childhood relationships with our partners. These old dysfunctional patterns become difficult to differentiate from the current ones. Several emotions can occur through which an event in a real relationship causes the discharge of old feelings and reactions, creating a strong confusion of old and new wounds. If our emotions and reactions in a situation are excessive compared to the provocation, it is probably an old childhood wound.

To be successful in relationships, we must also learn to integrate our differences. When couples fall in love, differences are easily tolerated, and both work hard to please each other. However, as they become familiar, the stress of everyday life takes its toll and our best behavior is disappearing. Soon our small differences bother and our predominant attachment style emerges. Couples often have different styles, which guide their attitudes and behaviors in relationships. We often try to change the other person to fit more comfortably with our own beliefs. This rarely works.

Relationships are one of the most difficult ways to achieve emotional growth. Few experiences provoke the depth of our vulnerabilities, insecurities and fears. The good news is that, at the same time, it gives us the great opportunity to heal old wounds. We will focus on learning good communication, conflict resolution, and most importantly, connection.

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